Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Review



Emily Alexander, Copy Editor

Last week, 11-time Grammy award winner, Taylor Swift, released her 10th studio album. The album consists of re-recorded songs from her 2008 album, “Fearless” and six unreleased songs from “the vault.” 

Since I’ve been a Swiftie for the majority of my life, I could not wait to relive my childhood and feel the nostalgia of listening to these songs for the first time once again. Since I am older now and have experienced more since the original debut, I feel a much deeper emotional connection to the music than I did back then. For example, I was just a wide-eyed six-year-old girl with big dreams the first time I heard “Fifteen,” a song about navigating freshman year of high school and learning from your naivety. 12 years later I am able to debut this song to myself once again only with four years of high school experiences and my own relationship problems to relate Swift’s words to.

“Fearless” is just the first of seven albums Swift plans to rerelease. The reason for the sudden decisions to re-record her entire discography came from Swift’s desire to regain control of her music after she lost control of when, where and by whom her music was bought and sold all over the world. She also lost the ability to perform any song that was owned by her former record label, Big Machine Records.

Along with the previously released songs, Swift dropped six new songs from, “the vault,” a collection of songs Swift has written and recorded but never released until now. My personal favorite is “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” a fun, upbeat song about a boy who was just a little too late. 

I was overall very impressed with this album. Even though its contents are mainly old songs, I loved the nostalgia that ran through me as I bawled my eyes out or screamed the lyrics to songs like “Breathe,” in my car. Now that Swift has regained control of one of her albums, fans are anxiously awaiting the rerelease of the rest.