One Year Later

Students opinions on one year of COVID-19

Ally Pruente, Online Editor

This year was hard. We’re one year into a pandemic and it’s not going anywhere. NW students reacted to the one year anniversary of quarantine and had a lot to say. 


What’s one major lesson COVID-19 has taught you? 

“How much power the media has in convincing the public,” sophomore Drake Zimmerman 

“Keeping others safe is a really good thing, it taught me more patience,” sophomore Alyssa Kempf

“I have learned to appreciate every day and all the people in my life. Getting to do basic everyday things doesn’t feel like such a given anymore,” junior Alexa Magstadt


What’s it like living through a pandemic?

“Boring. I hated it so much because I couldn’t play volleyball and I love to play volleyball… I can’t really breathe but besides that, I’ve been fine. School has been a little hard but I got used to it,” sophomore Victoria Vilott 

“It’s really kind of insane. I’m one of those people who crave human interaction, and I think living through this has changed me. I’m more than fine staying home for long periods of time and only seeing my friends every once in a while now. It’s really weird to see how people have changed throughout this whole experience. I think it has made me appreciate life a little bit more,” junior Alyssa Cunningham

“It’s pretty much the same for me, I still go to work, hang with my friends and do all the activities I did before COVID-19. All that’s different is I’m wearing a mask sometimes,” junior Sloan Munson

“It’s pretty hard being isolated almost all the time when you see your friends living life pretty normal like there’s no pandemic,” sophomore Sydney Jackson 

“I’m kinda used to it now but it’s definitely different. I don’t go out unless I have to and I definitely go out way less than I would in a world without COVID-19. Personally, I’m not a fan of this whole pandemic thing so I hope we can return to a safe place soon,” junior Raquel Ramirez


What’s one aspect of your life that COVID-19 has changed the most? Why?

“My social battery, it used to be unlimited for the most part but I get really drained really fast ,” junior  Meg Qualls 

“I think school because I had a steady routine for and my activities to make sure I was on track. Now, I kind of have to plan around stuff and prepare backup plans in case something goes wrong. I feel like this has made me more organized and articulate with my planning and daily school life,” junior Alyssa Cunningham

“My friendships. made me realize who were actually my friends and who were the people I just saw at school,” sophomore Frankie Perez 

“COVID-19 has changed my social life a lot. In some ways, I’m grateful because I’ve had opportunities online to make friends that I might not have if it were a normal year, but really it’s been really hard going from seeing your friends every day to only seeing them in-person once every couple of months,” sophomore Sydney Jackson