Biden Harris transition moves forward despite lawsuits

Rory Dungan, Editor in Chief

     The Trump campaign has not gained significant traction in battling election results, even after filing multiple lawsuits in key battleground states.
     In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada, most of the Trump campaign’s cases have been dismissed, although some are still ongoing. According to ABC News, lawsuit claims include that election observers were not fairly allowed to watch the vote count. There were also claims that absentee and mail-in ballots were not valid due to late arrival or incomplete information, such as missing addresses.
     Meanwhile, President-Elect Joe Biden is expected to have his first national security briefing tomorrow morning. This comes after the General Services Administration (GSA) delayed the first briefing; it will come a week later than Democrats had asked for, according to CNBC News. However, the GSA did acknowledge Biden’s win, and the agency announced that they would be moving forward with the Biden Harris transition, despite President Trump’s continual election fraud claims.
     President-Elect Biden also announced an all-female senior communications team today. This marks the first time ever that a presidential communications team will be run entirely by women.