The Mandalorian Season Two Review



Morgan Tate

Season two of “The Mandalorian” starts off with a very simple premise. Find the Jedi and return the Child to them. This start to season two makes for some fun, dramatic and action-packed moments that I can’t wait to see continue. 

“The Mandalorian” is a spin-off show set in the Star Wars universe. However, there is no need to watch previous Star Wars movies to enjoy the story or characters. But, previous knowledge of the universe can make some references more enjoyable. 

The story is well-written, it reminds me of a road trip movie, but this time it’s with a space warrior and a small green baby. It does an excellent job of expanding the lore of the Star Wars universe as it takes us through both familiar and unfamiliar worlds while making for a dramatic and entertaining ride. Some of the episodes delivered well-earned laughs while keeping me on the edge of my seat. Though the slow pace of developing the overarching storyline can be a bit off-putting to me.

The costume and sets were wonderful, as expected from a Disney production, they keep you immersed in the world with their seamlessly done transformations into other alien species. The CGI was also well done, seen in the various creatures our intrepid duo face. 

Despite our protagonist Din Djarin’s masked face and quiet nature, the mix of Pedro Pascal’s acting and well-done cinematography allow us to really feel for the character and experience his bond with the child. 

Many people came to the show for the Child, or Baby Yoda as it was affectionately deemed by fans, and the second season does not disappoint. Sometimes, when the character comes on screen I can’t help but squeal. Although, some of his actions in this season did make me want to scream. The puppet functions well as a character, plot device and comedic sidekick.

Overall, this second season did not disappoint. It delivers on the hype of the first season and keeps me thoroughly immersed in the extended world they are setting up. I am extremely excited to see where this show goes next. 


Grade: A (4.5/5)