Other Side of the Globe

Emily Alexander

By now, we all know the results of the presidential election and the current status of the coronavirus pandemic. While it might seem as if everything that is important lies right in our own backyards, but the rest of the world is still moving. Take a look at these quick breaking news stories to stay updated on the other side of the globe.


Nicaraguan Hurricane

The category 4 hurricane, Iota, crashed into Managua, Nicaragua Tuesday Nov. 17. Iota’s catastrophic winds of 65 mph compounded the already damaged towns, a result of Hurricane Eta that touched down Nov. 3 and left 74 dead. Eta left thousands of people without homes thus forcing them into shelters. As of now, there are no reported deaths from Iota, but the damage is sure to have long-lasting effects.


Iraq-Saudi Arabia Border

The Arar border separating Iraq and Saudi Arabia reopened for trade for the first time in 30 years. It closed after Sadaam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Ties between the two countries still remain rocky but they are on the road to improvement.


Ethiopian Civil War

Near the beginning of November, Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed waged civil war on the northernmost region of Tigray. This action was called after a decision to make amends with Eritrea, the Tigray People’s Liberation Fronts’ enemy. The war continues to rage on as starvation and displacement have arisen in Tigray with the blocking of its borders.