Sancho Streetside

A review of local Latin cuisine


Sanchos Chicken Streetside Taco

Grace Logan

Sancho Streetside began as a small part time catering company that worked within the Shawnee area. Since its beginnings, about two years ago, Sancho Streetside has grown into a popular food truck that travels around Kansas City and a restaurant. 

Sancho Streetside has a wide variety of options on its menu including appetizers, many different types of nachos, quesadillas, tacos, and burritos (offered in a bowl or tortilla). They also serve traditional sodas made with real cane sugar. 

After taking a short walk to the front of the building that houses Sancho Streetside, I was greeted with two glass doors. The smell of fresh smoked chicken and lime was welcoming. The atmosphere was very contradicting in comparison to the food trucks bright purples, pinks and greens. The restaurant is quaint in a way, not an overwhelming amount of furniture or decorations. Just a simple space to enjoy a meal. The seating arrangement would definitely allow for customers to maintain proper social distancing recommendations. 

To the right of the entrance is a counter where you place your order. The employees were quick to hand me a disposable menu but in no way pressured me to order immediately. This created a comfortable and relaxed environment, but in a professional sense. 

I chose to order carryout which came within seven minutes. While waiting I enjoyed the view. The city hall was next to Sancho’s along with many surrounding shops and a fountain. It was very peaceful. 

Each menu item is very unique. For those who don’t enjoy typical Latin street cuisine, Sancho Streetside had many other options such as the BBQ Belly Buster. This burrito is filled to the brim with house-smoked pork, red beans, jack cheese, mango slaw, BBQ sauce and yellow rice. 

I chose to order a Cheesy Queso Burrito in a bowl which contains yellow rice, red beans, espinaca con queso, pico, chipotle crema, jack cheese and steak. This item was very flavorful and something I would definitely order again. There was a plentiful amount of steak which complimented the unique flavors of this dish. 

Some other items I sampled were the steak and chicken Streetside Tacos. These were also very flavorful but a tad dry. This problem was easily solved by squeezing fresh lime onto the taco. If you’re not a fan of lime juice, I wouldn’t recommend these particular items. With the lime juice the taco tasted tender and extremely fresh! 

Lastly, I tried the Mas Nachos. These nachos contain your choice of meat—I selected pork—espinaca con queso, red beans, arugula, chipotle rema, pico de gallo and queso fresco. I would recommend this menu item if you are a fan of nachos. They tasted fabulous with a very proper distribution of ingredients. 

Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. It’s easy to see that they use quality ingredients. The building itself was kept clean and all the employees wore masks.  It was a nice change from the typical Mexican restaurants in town.

Steak Streetside Taco
Steak Streetside Taco
Cheesy Queso Burrito
Cheesy Queso Burrito