The Next Holocaust is Happening, and No One has Noticed

China has been oppressing muslims for months in concentration camps similar to the Holocaust

Kyle Vogel

We are all familiar with the Holocaust that took place in the 1940s. The event killed millions of Jewish people, and was the catalyst for World War II. Now, history is repeating itself with the Uighur Muslims in China.

Uighur Muslims are one of many minorities that have called China home for more than 1000 years. China’s government has now placed them in what they call “reeducation centers.” In these centers, they are taught using a curriculum of Communist propaganda, and led to believe the Chinese government is doing good things for them. Chinese officials have reportedly used intimidation and torturous actions against insubordination such as sexual assault, forced labor, renouncing their Muslim faith and water-boarding. 

Uighur Muslims have been targeted because the Chinese government believes they are linked to several terrorist attacks.The United Nations are deciding on what to do with the information that they have.

This crisis just adds another to the pile in 2020, and like the others, it is nowhere near being solved.