Hybrid Learning Model Update

SMSD secondary school students who chose in-person learning will be moving to the hybrid learning model.

Veronica Meiss

  The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) released its updated gating criteria for schools, which states that secondary students, high school and middle school, who chose the in-person learning plan will be transitioning from remote learning to hybrid learning. Johnson County is currently in the new orange gating criteria.

The plan is to transition on Monday, Oct. 26, however, the SMSD Board of Education will be deciding how they will make the transition in their board meeting next Friday, Oct. 9. If Johnson County stays in the orange or yellow gating criteria, then students will be transferred to hybrid learning. 

The JCDHE recommends schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing, wearing face masks, using hand hygiene (like hand sanitizer and washing hands), increased ventilation in schools, and staying home when sick, even with minor symptoms. Teachers are recommended to limit room occupancy in their classrooms, to reduce singing and shouting indoors, and to hold most activities outdoors. 

The district will be sending out updates 14 days prior to each transition unless in situations where immediate action is required. SM Northwest will be providing more specific information for its students before Monday, Oct. 26.