How COVID-19 Affects Pets

A veterinarian’s view on the pandemic

Olivia Nagorka, Staff Writer

     Coronavirus has had a huge impact on human lives, but how does it affect pets? 

     Andrea Kennedy from Kennedy’s Animal Clinic in Raytown, Mo. answers this question, along with explaining how her facility was run during this pandemic.

     During the COVID-19 shutdown, Kennedy’s veterinary office was not open for public entry, though she and her team performed curbside service for pets. They allowed for euthanizations to be permitted inside, but required pet owners to wear masks. 

     “People didn’t come into the building, which was a huge pain,” Kennedy said. “ much harder to get things done. You have to call them, they have to come back, and you have to talk through the window to figure out how you’re gonna get the payment.”

      Since the pandemic started, there has been an abundance of customers at her clinic.

     “They’re spending more time with their pets and they’re worried,”  Kennedy said.

     Along with the increase in the amount of customers in general, there has been an increase in emergency cases.

     “I see a lot of dogs who eat socks and cats that eat strings, high trauma cases and amputations,” Kennedy said. 

     Dr. Kennedy has not come into any suspected cases of COVID-19 in animals at her clinic. The only case she had was with a cat whose owner tested positive for COVID-19. She treated the pet with gloves and sanitized thoroughly afterward. 

     “We just used masks, gloves and gowns when we touched the cat,” Kennedy said. I don’t know if the cat was sick with COVID-19, however it was sick with something else, so I just treated it and sent it on its way. I sprayed down its carrier and got it out of the building.” 

     The grooming and boarding portion of the clinic has decreased in the amount of customers. It was closed for approximately three weeks during the initial shutdown, as it was not deemed essential. Now, this part of the clinic has opened back up. They continue to follow safety procedures at their facility to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


     Visit for more information about services provided at Kennedy’s Animal Clinic, or give them a call at (816)-358-0991 for any questions regarding care during COVID-19.