Irregular Workouts

Athletes try to make the best out of a bad situation by working out during the break


Michael Owens, Staff Writer

With the cancellation of school due to the COVID-19 crisis, high school sports have taken a hit. The 6A Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball tournaments were cancelled after a few games in. Along with that, all spring sports have been canceled, which left a hole that athletes need to fill. 

Some athletes took to their usual gyms, but that only lasted a couple of days before an order from the State of Kansas shut down all non-essential business, taking gyms with it. That left athletes without a place to workout, unless they were one of the lucky few with a home setup. Coaches are working with their athletes via online communication to work toward staying in shape even though they are under quarantine.

Other students who aren’t athletes are still wanting to hit the gym,which is next to impossible given the circumstances. One student making the most of his time finds ways to stay active is senior Jordan Sherfy, along with his brother, Josh, and neighbor, Porter Volk.

“ have been going up and down the creek and going on adventures in the woods,” Sherfy said. “We have also gone to and shot baskets.”

A lot of athletes were affected when track and field season was cancelled, so coaches have taken the time to put together a workout plan, even though they can’t be face-to-face with their athletes. Sophomore Lincoln Bartelt runs the mile and the two-mile during track season, in addition to running cross country in the fall.

 “Even with the terrible circumstances of sports and school being canceled for the rest of the year, it’s super cool that we still have a workout plan,” Bartelt said. “Although we can’t actually practice together, we’re still able to do workouts similar to the ones we missed which will help a lot for next year.” 

The cross-country team is also doing all that they can to stay in shape.

“Although we can’t run as a team, we still meet up in much smaller groups every once in a while, doing our best to stay six feet apart on the trails,” Bartelt said. “Mostly though, we’re stuck running alone, which is not nearly as fun or motivating.”

Sophomore Alexa Magstadt runs cross-country and track.

“As disappointed as the team was about losing track season and as much I miss everyone,running is still a great stress reliever and I really enjoy continuing to go out on my own,” Magstadt said. “Being able to leave the house and get outside for a while is definitely keeping me sane, and the team is doing a really good job staying in touch and motivating each other throughout this confusing time.”

Even though football isn’t a spring sport, the team spends a lot of time together at weights with coach Sedrick Cook. With the cancelation of school, the team can’t meet and loses a place to workout. Coach Bo Black has begun messaging his players words of encouragement and setting up workout plans for them in his Google Classroom. Sophomore Logan Grey, who played for the JV team last year on the defensive side of the ball in the secondary, talks about ways that athletes are staying in shape.

 “It helps show who really wants to get better because there is no reason why you can’t participate due to all the extra time we have,” Grey said. “It’s just about who is willing to get out of bed.” 

Athletes who plan to play at the college level next year and athletes who play a fall sport will need to stay in shape for the season. Senior Marques Cook who had a great football season, looks to continue his career at William Penn University playing defensive end. Cook has taken it upon himself to better himself, not only for him, but to make his team better.

“I definitely think it will help me against the competition since they aren’t doing what I’m doing,” Cook said. “They’re just being average.”