Reluctant Reactions

Students share their thoughts on schools closing

Emily Alexander, Online Editor

     Last week, Gov. Laura Kelly. closed all schools in the state of Kansas in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

     “I am ordering all K-12 to close and cease in-person instruction for the duration of the 2019-2020 semester,” Kelly said.

   This announcement came as a heartbreaker for many students as all sports and extracurriculars were canceled along with prom and the seniors’ last quarter of high school. These students have shared their reactions to Gov. Kelly’s recent announcement.

This pandemic is putting many people that we may love and care about in danger of their lives. I understand that some people are thankful that the school has shut down schooling but for some of our seniors, last Friday was the last day for them to walk the halls and their last day of being a high school student and now that’s all gone for them. I am not happy with the closing of the school and how they are going about it, but I’m happy they are taking the precautions to keep all of us safe so that we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our loved ones and fellow peers.

— Sophomore Zoie Johnson

I think that closing school like this was probably the best decision — obviously because the call wouldn’t have been made if we weren’t 100% sure — but this is really rough for a lot of students. Among those, the seniors who won’t see prom, student athletes who aren’t going to be able to participate in the sports they’ve been working so hard for and lots of honors students who are going to struggle a lot because of this shift to online. Even if it was for the best, this sucks.

— Junior Mason Morris

I’m sad because the only good part of going to school is getting to see my friends but now that part is getting taken away.

— Freshman Anna Barfield

I’m mainly just angry that Gov. Kelly called it so prematurely. They could’ve waited to see what might’ve happened within the two weeks they gave us post break and yes, not much might’ve changed but clearly a lot has developed very quickly so who’s to say it won’t go the other way around so abruptly too? It’s very disheartening to see the schools close with such little warning and communication because I’ve seen the teacher’s reactions and some are as surprised as we are.

— Junior Clark Russell

I didn’t know that Friday would be the last day I got to see so many wonderful teachers and friends or I would have cherished it more. I’m not going to get a senior prom, athletes won’t have their final season, no senior skip day, no senior prank and no yearbook signing. I am so sad.

— Senior James Nilges