SMSD Presents Final Contract Proposal

Months of discussion between SMSD and NEA-SM have led to today’s final negotiation

Ethan Schreiber

Following a nine month negation process, expressed disapproval from teachers and the community, and the district spending nearly $20,000 in fact finding costs, SMSD and NEA-SM held a final negotiation this morning at 9am, in which, against the fact finder‘s recommendation, SMSD landed on writing a three year unilateral contract strikingly similar in many capacities to the two-year contract proposed in the first negotiations.

If the board decides to issue this contract, teachers are left with three options: accept the proposed contract, stack the contract and work under the 2018-19 contract, or resign without penalty. NEA-SM has consulted with KNEA legal and may try challenging the legality of this three year contract that had no previous negotiation in district court.


This is a developing story, check back for updates.