Jumanji: The Next Level Review



Zach Dulny, Critic

“Jumanji: The Next Level” is a 2019 Fantasy/Action movie that has the same charm as its 2017 prequel had. It’s funny, enjoyable and a cheesy good time that is very fun to watch.

This is a sequel to the 2017 movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” which itself was a modern retelling of the class 1995 movie “Jumanji” about a board game that becomes real. The 2017 movie retells the story, but instead of a board game, players participate in a video game. This sequel continues the original four character’s stories as they travel back into the video game.

This movie has a charm that any good fantasy has. It builds a world with video game physics, meaning Changing between realistic and fantasy for comedy and for the fun of the movie. Some continuity and plot choices don’t make sense, but they are rightfully placed for comedic purposes. It’s an enjoyable idea when it comes to fantasy aspect.

The acting may be cheesy but is impressive nonetheless. The main actors have to switch between multiple characters and they excel at it. The characters in the movie have to switch between who is representing them (e.g. Danny Devito is embodied by both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Awkwafina). A few times you can see that the acting doesn’t match up when the actors switch from character to character. Although some of the acting is over-the-top and cheesy, it’s still pretty fun.

This movie has a lot of fun humor. Not all the jokes may land, but there are still some very funny moments in the movie. The emotional aspect of this movie is pretty standard, but it has a decent effect. You’ll probably laugh and you may even shed a tear.

This movie is a cute fantasy film. It isn’t breaking any barriers, but it is a classic, family-friendly movie. Overall, this movie is an enjoyable and fun-filled fantasy adventure, with some aspects that fall flat. 


Grade: B- (3.9/5)