Dancing Through The Decades

Student Council (StuCo) hosts the annual Mother/Son Father/Daughter dance


Ruth Demeke, Staff Writer

     They show up dressed as disco queens, greasers, rappers, flappers and scene kids. This year, they danced the night away to the sounds of music from the Beach Boys to the Backstreet Boys. 

     Mothers and sons, as well as fathers and daughters gathered Nov. 16 for the annual Mother/Son/Father/Daughter (MSFD) dance. 

     “You get the opportunity to bring your parent or guardian in your life and dress up in a costume you choose,” dance chair Tavin Mesh said. 

     Activities at the dance included a costume contest, root beer chugging competition and dancing. Junior Brady King won the root beer competition, junior Landyn Luttrell and his mother Julie Luttrell won the dancing competition and junior Erin Albers and her father Bryan Albers won the costume contest sporting a disco era look.

     “ students take the time to realize that, as juniors and seniors, their time at home with their families is so short,” StuCo sponsor Sarah Dent said. “It’s nice to be able to have a family fun night with a parent or a special loved one.”

     The theme of the dance, Decades, is consistent year to year and allows students and their parents to put together a costume from a particular decade.

     “It’s a fun experience all around,” Mesh said. “It’s something out of the ordinary that you don’t get to typically do.” 

     Mesh works with junior Elizabeth Kuffour, sophomore Sophia Brewer and other members of StuCo to plan the dance. 

     “I’ve always had a passion for making something my own,” Mesh said. “It’s nice to take charge of something and see the outcome of something that’s bigger than myself.”

     MSFD was the culmination of StuCo’s two-week canned food drive. Attendees brought cans to the dance in a competition between juniors and seniors. StuCo earned over $3,000 and 6,700 cans from the drive and the dance, all of which will go to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau.

     “It’s an organization that works year round and is a non-profit,” said Dent. “They help provide a holiday shop for low-income families.”

     StuCo representatives from each grade are assigned a wall of the cafeteria to decorate in the style of a specific decade.

     “Each class takes a different wall and decorates it,” said Dent. “The freshmen take the 50’s, the sophomores get the 60’s, the juniors get the 70’s and the seniors get the 80’s.”

     The nostalgic atmosphere and throwback music made for a fun experience for the NW community.

     “I had a lot of fun,” junior Ashley Vil said. “I didn’t want to go at first but I’m glad I did.”