Jojo Rabbit Review



Zach Dulny, Critic

“Jojo Rabbit” is a 2019 drama/comedy that takes a satirical spin on Nazi Germany. It’s written, directed by and features Taika Waititi as Adolf Hitler. The movie tells the story of a Nazi boy who is going through a lot so he takes on his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler to help him through it. 

First off all the actors put a lot of effort into their performances which really helps the audience connect to their characters. Even the Adolf Hitler character makes you smile while watching. Scarlett Johansson gives it her all as the tough, lovable mom character. Sam Rockwell and Rebel Wilson are hilarious, Thomasin McKenzie and Roman Davis are magnificent and have great on-screen chemistry. And Waititi is amazing as Adolf Hitler. There isn’t a single person in this cast that belittles the movie-watching experience.

The story itself has comedic-like farce in it. It’s just enough crazy that it seems almost normal. You can’t help but giggle while watching these characters be ridiculous in the story. The story isn’t entirely about Nazis. It’s about a Nazi boy slowly realizing he isn’t a Nazi and that he just got caught up in the craze. It’s clever. 

Now the story really succeeds in making Nazis funny, and that’s where people may find a problem. The Nazis are the comedy in the story, and it is likely that some people could take offense to this. Having Nazis be these jokable laughing characters, even if it’s for a comedic, satirical piece, can still be taken quite inappropriately. It all depends on your opinion.

For the most part, the movie is good. They use background music only a little to highlight the scenes comically or dramatically. The cinematography decent, they use shots of certain clothing items that will become important later in the film. It’s a great use of symbols, and it is really effective. The drama part of this movie is also really effective. It really does show how ruthless Germany was back then. It hits you hard out of nowhere and I think it was done really well.

This movie has a sweet story below its plot. It has good actors and is an amazing satire. If you have an open mind and just look at the comedy and acting, it’s a stellar movie. It is really heartwarming, and will probably make you happy to watch.


Grade: B (4/5)