Coalition ends 2009 with flurry of fundraising

With the end of 2009 approaching quickly, Coalition is cramming in as many fundraisers as possible  in order to raise money for their partner school in Uganda, the Gulu Senior Secondary School.

The book drive, which will end today, has been running since Oct. 12. So far, about 200 books have been collected, and all of the donations will be shipped directly to the Ugandan school.

The Invisible Children foundation also sponsored the One for One Challenge on Thurday. They asked  students in the over 1,500 schools involved in the Schools for Schools program to bring in $1 each on Dec. 10. They were hoping to raise at least $500,000, and the money would go to help build eleven schools in Africa.

Northwest was also involved in a competition with SM West to see who brought in the most money on that day. The NW students involved in Coalition managed to bring in $156 and beat West, which raised only $33.  For the prize, NW’s Coalition also received the West’s money to donate.

“It’s all just friendly competition because all the money helps build, furnish, and buy supplies for the schools and dorms at our partner schools, ” sophomore Caleb Amundson said.

Coalition is also planning a movie night for Dec. 12. They’re watching “God Grew Tired of Us,” a movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan. Admission is $7, and proceeds go to Schools for Schools. For more information, contact Isabel Zacharias.

Other future events planned are a dance party and a 5K walk/run.

” makes me feel like I’m actually standing up and voice what needs to be done, ” Amundson said. “I’m actually helping other people instead of sitting there and being part of the problem.”