A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Review



Zach Dulny, Critic

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is a 2019 drama that gives you such a happy feeling when watching. Telling the real story of Tom Junod and his experiences with Mr. Fred Rogers, the movie stars Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers and Matthew Rhys as the fictional (but based on Tom Junod the journalist who was writing a story on Fred Rogers) Llyod Vogel. The movie is a near two hour experience that will put you through many emotions and leave you feeling great in the end. 

The acting in this movie is good. Other than Hanks’ performance, nothing really stands out as far as possible Oscar nominations, but there is still really good acting. Hanks shines at encapsulating the role of Mr. Rogers, bringing that kindness and father-like figure to life.

The scenic design in this movie is pretty interesting. A lot of the shots are these giant models of the world, as to imitate those model shots from the TV show. It’s really cool and an interesting way to do shots  of basic scene changes.

The cinematography is also interesting. They use an effect on some shots to look like that old quality of footage that the TV show had. It helps you mentally break apart what is on the show and what isn’t, which is important since the whole movie is shot like its an episode of the show and we are just seeing more details into what Mr. Rogers is talking about. It was very well done.

The pacing in this movie is decent. Only a few times does it feel slow, but most of the time it feels pretty good. Same with the editing, it’s pretty good. It includes long shots of faces to make you feel like you are there having a conversation. 

Overall, there isn’t much to say about this movie except for that It’s really good, and tells the amazing story of Tom Junod and Fred Rogers. This movie isn’t only about Mr. Rogers, it’s more about how Mr. Rogers helped Junod (Vogel in the movie) understand his personal problems and how to deal with it. This movie really does show you how great of a person Mr. Rogers was and how much he helped people. It will leave you smiling and will be a feel-good movie for ages to come. 

Grade: A (4.7/5)