Close, But Still Annoying

Megan and Garrett show their bond while preparing themselves for her departure to college.

The bass of “Waves” by Kanye West flooded Megan Goetz’s car, “Clyde” as she drove her little brother, well-known javelin victim, Garrett Goetz, to a friend’s house.

“Sun don’t shine in the shade (turn it up!)

Bird can’t fly in a cage (turn it up!)

Even when somebody go away (turn it up!)

The feelings don’t really go away

That’s just the wave (yeah)”

The music is always loud, the car is always fast, and the pair can feel the warm wind hitting their faces through the open windows.

“Garrett and I were always friends, but he was always the annoying little brother,” Goetz said, ”  wanted to hang out with , but we didn’t want to hang out with him.”

It wasn’t until Garrett started middle school that Megan would let Garrett tag along with her and her friends.

Both agreed that high school brought them closer than they had ever been.

“When I high school, he started to grow into his personality, like the funny Garrett we now know. And not the annoying Garrett he was.” Goetz said, “I think we’re definitely closer now just because there is more stuff we can relate to, being older. I don’t have to like, censor around him.”

As with any sibling relationship, things haven’t always been easy. There are always ups and downs and pointless fights. Megan and Garrett have small arguments every now and then. Big disputes don’t occur as often.

“There’s always rough spots in our relationship.” Garrett said, “I’d say the two main factors of our fighting would have to be hair in the drain or sometimes me not being able to wake up in the morning.”

“Sometimes I don’t even want to talk to him,” Goetz said, “He gets annoying.”

While both agree that they get in arguments, they don’t agree on what they’re about.

“He doesn’t know how to talk to our parents constructively.” Megan said, “It’s always screaming and yelling and getting in trouble. I think he should respect our parents more and follow rules more, but things happen.”

Even with the fighting, they both agree that they have a very well-structured bond that allows them to be themselves around each other and really rely on each other for support or someone to talk to. But even with their strong sibling bond, they don’t think they would be friends if they weren’t related.

“I feel like she actually really hates me sometimes. My friends would be like shut up, stop saying stupid things. But, she’d be like, what did you say to me? and then smack me,” Garrett said. “I know to tread lightly with Megan. I’ll say something and she will laugh really hard sometimes, but other times she will be like Garrett, I’m not in the mood. Or shut up. Sometimes I’ll play songs. And she’s like, no, skip. I don’t like this.

While both are upset to be leaving each other when Megan goes to college, neither of them see their bond drifting.

Megan’s main concern is how Garrett will handle himself.

“He needs someone to slap him in the face and tell him he’s doing something dumb or be here to calm him down.” Megan said, “Someone who like can look at him and be like, shut up and be quiet. He also needs rides because he’s a scrub and 16 and doesn’t have a car or a license or permit.”

Clyde has definitely improved their relationships in a lot of ways. Garrett not having a permit gives them time to spend with each other and connect through music. They share lots of similar interests when it comes to how a song is put together and are always open to new ideas or suggestions from the other.

Megan will attend the University of Oklahoma in the fall, leaving Garrett behind at Northwest. With over 350 miles in between them, the pair hope to see each other at least every month. Garrett even expects to be able to go spend a weekend in Megan’s dorm at some point.