Us Movie Review


Jake Ditto, co-Editor-in-Chief

Writer and director Jordan Peele not only made another masterpiece in horror, but proved that Get Out was not a fluke.

Us is about a family that gets terrorized by doppelgängers that are trying to hunt down and kill them.

Going into this, I was worried that Peele would not be able to make a horror movie that was nearly as good Get Out because of how incredible it was. In the past, directors have been known to make one great film, but never live up to the potential they showed in their past films. That is not the case with Peele.

Peele showed in Get Out how well he works with actors and how he has a message that needs to be told. He shows the same things in Us, but adds to that by showing how well he can work with certain  film elements. The cinematography, editing and sound were all improved drastically with Peele’s second outing. He is now a director that knows what he is doing when it comes to everything it takes to make a film.

I was reminded of Quentin Tarantino while watching this. Peele doesn’t do anything that directly relates to Tarantino’s work, but what he does do is express a style that so unique and unlike anything I have seen before. With Get Out and Us, Peele has shown that he has one of the most distinctive styles in Hollywood.

Us also makes you think a lot more than Get Out did. While Get Out had an important message that needed to be told, Peele spoon fed the audience to the point that you didn’t have to think about how he addressed race relations in America. But with Us, he deals with many themes including the false hope of the American dream and how you can’t work your way up social classes in this country.

The film also has some of the best uses of foreshadowing I have ever seen. Peele shows you so many things in the beginning that by the time you see the closing credits you are sitting in your seat trying to connect all the dots. He makes it to where after your second viewing there will be so many things you didn’t notice at first but now makes sense.

Lupita Nyong’o does her best job acting since 2013 in her Oscar winning performance for 12 Years a Slave. She essentially has to give two different performances, but gives small nuances in her portrayal that ends up being a big payoff in the end.

While I love this movie so much, I do have one problem. Peele rushes into the horror way too fast. The film really would have benefitted with 10 more minutes being added in the beginning before the horror kicks off.

Jordan Peele shows that he has a unique voice and vision that needs to be seen, while also giving the horror genre a much needed change of pace and style.


Grade: A