Talent Show Announcement

kate lawrence, Writer, Online Editor

On Jan. 16, Wednesday at 7pm the talent show will take place. The show will be in the Greg Parker Auditorium. Tickets are $5 without your student ID. Make sure to stop by and see these individual performances;

Chandler Krug, Emma Fowler, Evan Borberg, Lalli Luna, Hannah Sullivan, Diamond Holt, Devyn Trondson, Jackson Tomlin, Abigail Story, Ella Kuffour, Emily Motsick, Keri Seng, and Karie Pauli.

The group performances will be by;

Chris Ramsey with Henry Fears, Josh Zumalt, Conrad Ruppelius, Spencer Robertson and Evan Borberg. As well as Merceline Mogando with Emma Alexander. And Lastly, Cianna Blakeman with Jaedis Horton.