From Parents to Teachers

Sarah Milks, Staff Writer

Freshman Kairi Kinney:

Q: Do you like the fact that your dad teaches at Northwest?

A: I like my dad teaching here because after school I get to see him, and in the halls I get to see him too.

Q: Do you make an effort to come and see him throughout the day?

A: I have first lunch and he has second lunch, but after all my classes in the evenings, I come to see him. I go into his room and give him a hug.

Q: How would you describe the car rides on the way to school?

A: Well, it’s kind of hard getting out of the house on time, so it’s kind of fast driving for about 15 minutes.

Q:What would you say your favorite characteristic is about your dad?

A:He is nice to everyone and just pretty cool and giving. He’s a really good dad.

Q:Do you think the transition to high school was easier since your dad is in the building during the day?  

A:I think so, because I feel like he protects me.


Math teacher Anthony Kinney:

Q:What would you consider your favorite characteristic of your daughter?

A:My favorite characteristic is that she is very creative and that her brain works differently than mine in regards to that. I am logical and mathematical, and she is everything opposite of me. She is very visual and very creative and I love her young ideas.

Q:When you are on the way to school how would you describe the car rides?

A:The car rides to school is kind of just waking up in the morning and figuring things out while listening to music as we go to school. On the way home, it’s usually is filled with questions like “How are your grades?”, “How are your classes?”, “What teachers are being evil to you today?”

Q:Do you think that you being here has made the transition to high school easier?

A: The transition was super easy. She already knew the layout of the school, she is very comfortable and she loves the students that attend this school.


Freshman Mary Morstadt

Q:How would you describe the car rides on the way to school?

A:She’s usually the one talking in the car in the morning and I’m usually just spaced out.

Q:What is your favorite characteristic about your mom?

A:She laughs and smiles a lot.

Q:Is there anything different about your mom when you see her at school than when you see her at home?

A:She’s a lot more strict when it comes to school than at home.

Q:Do you like having your mom as a teacher?

A: I do, I enjoy having her as a teacher. I feel more comfortable around her than other teachers. I just feel like I fit in better.

Q:Do you call her Ms. Morstadt?

A:Yes, I do. The class took a vote and it won that I call her Ms. Morstadt. Every once and awhile I slip up and I call her mom, though.


Health teacher Lisa Morstadt

Q: What is your favorite characteristic of your daughter?

A:Her smile, she’s kind, she’s empathetic to people all the time. I think she compliments people a lot.

Q:Do you like having your daughter at school?

A: I think Mary and I both say that it’s good and bad. I love to see her. I like having her because I get to experience all the things she does. I try not to talk about her in class because I’m used to , but she finds out and gets mad. I wish that I didn’t have her here, so that she could be more independent and people wouldn’t always tell me when she is doing something wrong.

Q:Do you think that you being here has made the transition to high school easier?

A:Mary has grown up here. She had just been here, so she knows where everything is, and she knows the people. I think she feels like she’s very welcome here.