Canned food drive results

Rory Dungan, Staff Writer

During the week of Oct. 29 through Nov. 2, Student Council collected cans and boxes of food from Northwest students. The number of cans and boxes reached a total of 11,563, which is an all-time high by more than one thousand items.

During the week of Nov. 5-9, change was collected. In total, there was $4,482.23 worth of coins and bills.

All proceeds of the food and coin drive will go to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, which helps families in need during the winter holiday season.

The first place overall award for cans and money collected went to Dr. Winston’s class, who will receive a pizza party.

The second place award went to Mr. Wolfe’s class, who will receive a dessert party.

The third place award went to Ms. Anthony’s class.