Column: Many Halloween costumes can be offensive, especially involving race or religion


Abigail Rosales, Writer

Most people participate in some sort of Halloween tradition with friends or family each year when October rolls around.

I mean, who doesn’t like Halloween? You get to dress up, go to amazing parties and, if you’re a little kid, you get free candy.

But generally, when a person takes time to think about every detail of their perfect costume, they forget to ask themselves one important question: Will my costume offend anyone?

In recent years there has been more controversy about people’s costumes, even seemingly harmless children’s costumes. In People magazine, an article written by Pia Velasco talks about how parents shouldn’t let a young caucasian girl dress up like Moana, in order to be sure that no one will feel as if the child’s parents are allowing her to make fun of the character’s cultural background. But if they do dress up their daughter like Moana, it needs to be done in a way that is respectful. When people buy a costume they tend to either think it’s funny, clever or just cute. They think about the positives, but not the possible negative outcomes.

Websites and companies selling Halloween costumes tend to make the female’s options more revealing. Even though people should never be told what to wear, there is a line in which these revealing costumes become offensive. For example, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, an icon to the Latino community, is known for her music and her famous purple jumpsuit, with a small cutout. Her jumpsuit was made into a Halloween costume by the company Fashion Nova. The website Mitu recently published an article written by Javier Rojas, saying that the fans of Selena are offended that the jumpsuit that the fans love is now being made more revealing in order to create a “sexy” Halloween costume.

Religious costumes have been worn through many occasions the 2018 Met Gala did the theme which was Heavenly Bodies, fashion and the Catholic Imagination. At the time when the Gala happen it sparked up questions and controversy. It was a question where if it was appropriate to do this theme?

There are some ways where someone’s costume can be offensive, and the person does not realize what they’re wearing or why it’s offensive. No one should ever get backlash. People should be allowed to wear what they want. But when Halloween comes around the corner be creative, and unique. Be respectful, don’t make anyone’s culture or background be made fun of or mocked. Make the costume look the original on what you’re choosing to be or wearing.