Orchestra Concert Announcement

Elizabeth Kuffour, Staff Writer

Orchestra performs in their first concert of the year this week. The concert will include all of the NW orchestra as well as students from Trailridge MS.

Seventh graders will perform “Frere Jacques,” “Theme from Symphony No. 1” and “Mississippi Reel,” and eighth graders will play “Antagonist” and “Lost Tomb.” Together, the middle school students will perform the world premiere of “Blue Turnips,” composed by NW orchestra director Jeffrey Bishop.

Camerata will play “As Summer Was Just Beginning” and “Escape the Lost City,” while Chamber Orchestra will perform “Ancient Dances and Airs,” “Lullaby’ and “Incantations.” Solos include Cate Steinacker, Becky Lin and Noah Gruman on the violin, Nina Tiger on the viola and Micayla Houser on the cello. The combined orchestras of NW will play “On a Thanksgiving Hymn,” also composed by Bishop.

The concert will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 4 in the Greg Parker Auditorium. Cookies will be offered in the mall after the performances.