Homecoming Parade Announcement

Sarah Milks, Staff Writer

The Homecoming Parade will take place Oct. 5 at 1 p.m. Activities the faculty arranged will follow immediately after.

The parades theme this year is off the grid. Freshman are ancient greece, sophomores are arctic, juniors are beach, and seniors are space. Along with floats, many clubs will make an appearance as well. One club to look out for is the reigning champion from last year, KUGR.

The twenty members of homecoming court who have been nominated by Northwest clubs and sports will walk during the assembly tomorrow morning and ride in cars with their court partner in the parade. Court members include Alieu Jagne, Libby Johnson, Carlos Jaime, Megan Hanson, Jacob Shreve, Grace Miller, Spencer Kaleko, Mabel Anstine, Henry Fears, Zoe Kopp, Noah Gruman, Abigail Winter, Riley Demo, Sam Converse, Chris Rong, Kaitlin Pauli, Hannah Black and Dylan Brunner.