While Sakura had a pleasant staff, it didn’t make up for the subpar food and atmosphere


Cody Andrews, Staff Writer

Walking into the Sakura Sushi Train located in Shawnee Kansas, the ambiance and the rundown look disappointed me. Despite having no reservation, waitress seated me  immediately. Not particularly surprising since it was a Sunday afternoon.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is very laid back, perfect for casual attire. The friendly waitresses answered every question we had with a smile and remained very attentive, making sure we had everything we needed. The chef came out with a smile on his face, more than happy to prepare our meals for us.

After sitting down around the hibachi grill, the wait staff provided us with the menu.  The hibachi options included Chicken, Steak and Vegetable that starting at $17.95.

The waitress started off the courses with a salad of  shredded carrots and a cut tomato. Drenched in dressing, nothing approached the crisp salad I had hoped for. The next course consisted of miso soup which included of mushrooms and green onions. Shortly after finishing the soup, the vegetable tempura appetizer arrived at  the table. It included mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, onion and sweet potato. At a glance, I could not tell which vegetable was which until I bit into it, but they were all fried so much that they tasted very similar.

After finishing the first few courses, the chef greeted us at the grill and began to cook fried rice, the shrimp appetizer and the zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms and onions of my main course. I was disappointed by the flavors of the meal, although the fried rice tasted very good, Again,  the vegetables were soggy. I was impressed by he large portions which made up for the prices. I was full and even took home leftovers.