Harrington returns after leave of absence

Principal Bill Harrington returned on Monday after a month-long absence due to a recent hip replacement. Harrington’s surgery was performed on Nov. 2 and required a four day hospital stay. He spent the next three weeks in recovery. Harrington has battled arthritis in his right hip for approximately five years and decided on surgery to alleviate the pain.

“It wasn’t excruciating pain, but more of a constant discomfort. It made normal walking almost impossible.” Harrington said.

Many students may have noticed Harrington favoring his left side while walking during the past few months.

“All the pain that I felt before is gone.” Harrington said.

Although painless, Harrington still has limited mobility and cannot bend at the waist. When walking outside or around many people he uses a cane for extra stability. He expects to return to normal in the next few months.

Although prepared for a six-week absence and a January 4 return, Harrington’s recovery went so well that he is back after just four weeks. While absent, associate principals Lisa Gruman, Tom Moss and Eddie LyDay all pitched in to cover Harrington’s duties. Harrington kept up with whatever possible via e-mail and phone.

“Of course I missed ; that is why I am returning earlier than planned,” Harrington said.

-Kelsey Gasser