Review: Twilight: New Moon

Werewolves, vampires and damsels in distress ­— all part of the obsession sweeping teenage girls across the world.

I won’t lie; I was on the edge of my seat all day November 20, waiting for a big screen shot of Taylor Lautner, the werewolf Jacob, just like every other girl in the theater.

newmoon_bella_edward_onesheetDozens of “twi-hards” lined up outside, selling out theaters almost 24 hours after the premiere. I’ll admit, my $7 was much better spent on the greatly awaited sequel than the first film. Luckily, a bigger budget allowed for better effects, plus the cast improved substantially from the previous movie.

After reading the series several times, I prepared myself to be disappointed with how the characters were displayed. Yet, Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart and Lautner didn’t let me down. Edward’s departure was just as heartbreaking as in the novel, and Jake was as comforting as ever. I’ve always been on “Team Edward” but now I’m seriously considering adding a “Team Jacob” t-shirt to my closet.

Twilight is all about frustrating, but one-of-a-kind romances. Not only did the chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson carry over from the first movie, but she and Lautner portrayed their relationship beautifully, too. Still, I couldn’t help but miss Edward. New Moon is the beginning of Edward and Jacob’s fight for Bella’s heart, and leaves readers and viewers alike wanting more.

In the end, Bella and Edward’s love conquers all. Although it’s a rather cliché ending, fans wouldn’t be satisfied any other way. The Twilight Saga’s forbidden love wasn’t lost in translation, and New Moon has only heightened my anticipation for the film debut of Eclipse.