Safe, Smart and Healthy

The health teachers attitude shines throughout the classroom

Abigail Rosales , Staff writer

listenLisa Morstadt is loud. She’s loud in the classroom, loud on the softball diamond and loud in life. Even when she is talking to one person, she is loud… and emphatic.

She has her own opinions on everything. Perhaps that’s why she went into health education.

listen“I think health must be the most important class because every day we talk about something that they’re gonna have to deal with either with themselves or someone else,” Morstadt said.

One of the most important lessons Morstadt says she teaches in kindness.

“I think the more kind we are, the more likely we are to help each other,” Morstadt said. “I think that when we are kind to each other and loving to each other, it’s a better world. I just don’t think there’s any hurt in being kind.”

In class, she talks about important life decisions and topics that a lot of teenagers don’t talk about with their parents or guardians. Those who have met Morstadt you know she loves her students and her job.

“Oh, I love my kids.”Morstadt said.

But what if she didn’t know what to do in her life, that she didn’t know what she wanted to work in.

“When I was in high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do and seriously summers and weekends off sounded really good.” Morstadt said.

But seriously how does she does it? How does she wake up every day going to work to teach health to about hundred kids or more each day? Her daughter Mary is very important to her she says “My child” is what keeps her motivated. Also, ice cream which are both very great things.  

She gives out advice when we need it or ask for it either if we’re at our worse, or if you just simply need it if you do she’ll help you out the most she can. But once in awhile someone feels insecure or they feel not at their best, Morstadt knows what to say.

“Everybody is unique and everyone is different,” Morstadt said. 

When Morstadt feels this way she follows her own advice.

“I really don’t need to worry about what someone else thinks, I need to worry about what I feel. If you’re unconfident and probably figure out why you’re unconfident. Pick yourself back up and realize you’re better than that.” Morstadt said.

She cares about what people think of themselves, she says about how we need to worry about what we feel. She wants us to realize that we all matter. But if she sees us, that we should be here and that we matter.  How does she view herself or what purpose does she have for herself?

“I see myself as someone living every day.” Morstadt said, “My purpose is to lead the world better than I found it and to try to help the world be better for my child.” She wants a to live her life with family and help the world be better for her and Mary her child. That is her purpose.

But then at every class that she has at the end of a Friday or when they go on break she says “Be safe, make good decisions, and come back alive on Monday.

”If we can’t make it in life or even the day or go throughout it at all Morstadt says “Everyday I wake up and try to get through my day and make it a little bit better, realize every day is a good day above ground, live it .”