Renee Chambers: Mom, Math teacher, Cheer coach

Renee Chambers helps cheerleaders develop into leaders.

Audrey Johnson

The room sparkles with pompoms and glitter, posters fill the wall with inspirational sayings;and pictures of girls in cheer uniforms. The occasional math memes are hung around the room and equations written on the board. Boxes full of black and white uniforms with SMNW written across them. She walks in with Starbucks and sits at a very organized desk.

Renee Chambers, the cheerleading coach, is very passionate about cheerleading. She has given up ”time with (her) kids, but (she) has a very strong support system at home.” Her expectations for her cheerleaders are not the standard hit all your stunts and smile,  Chambers expects them, ”to give their best every time and improve to be better leaders”.listen

When Chambers was in high school their standards were different.  

You could not be both smart and be a cheerleader, I was told I was too smart for cheer.” Chambers never gave up, choosing instead to continue to cheer.

But cheerleading has changed since Chambers was a cheerleader.” Cheer is looked at as a skirt and poms less throughout the years.” She knows that her “Cheerleaders are athletes. They give it their all” and strive to be better leaders. listen

Chambers has to stay very organized. “Google Calendar is my life,” she said. She keeps track of all the  events she has planned by doing this. Her best cheer memory was last year’s Homecoming when her varsity team did their routine and “everyone did amazing even the cheerleaders knew they killed it.”listen When her older cheerleaders come back to visit, she loves to see them “outside the cheer realm, to see what they learned from me and hopefully become a better person.” She says.

Renee Chambers is not only a mom and a teacher, but  also a cheer coach. Balancing school, cheer, and home can be difficult but Chambers manages because she enjoys doing something she is passionate about. She believes that “someone is always looking up to you” as soon as you put on your uniform. She has high expectations for her team, and pushes them to be their best until they achieve their goals.