Truth or Dare Movie Review


Jake Ditto, Staff Writer

This review contains spoilers.

Truth or Dare is one of the worst, if not the worst, horror movies I have ever seen. It is about a group of friends that go to Mexico during spring break, and end up playing a game of truth or dare. Their game of truth or dare is possessed by a demon, and if they do not tell the truth or do the dare, they die.

The movies screenplay is embarrassing. Because of this writing, no actor can give a serviceable performance. The actors are directed to be serious and have to say incredibly stupid dialogue, which makes every actors’ performance laughable. The writing is also filled with new-age cliches, like the internet research scene to find out about the demon, and an old hispanic woman knowing why everything is haunted.

This movie is directed by Jeff Wadlow, who shows here that he has no clue how to direct horror. To start he uses false jump scares so that the audience doesn’t get bored. He also does not properly deliver the jump scares., and after all of his attempts, there were only two times where the jump scare actually worked. The jump scare is the laziest way to scare an audience and Jeff Wadlow could not even do that.

There are also noticeable continuity errors. The most noticable is when Penelope is dared to walk along the side of the roof of her house once she finishes a bottle of vodka. When she finishes the bottle, she falls off the side of the house and onto a matress her friends placed down for her if and when she fell. Even before she went onto the roof, she was puking from her alcohol consumption, and after she fell she was barely awake and was puking even more. In the next scene, which happens a little after the scene I just mentioned, Penelope is completely fine. She isn’t slurring her words, she is screaming, she is walking fine and there was no indication that she was drunk.

This movie is laughable for many reasons, but the thing that I kept laughing at every time I saw it was the stupid smiles that the actors would do when the demon was asking truth or dare. The filmmakers thought this was a sinister and scary part of the movie, but it was one of the funniest things I have seen so far this year.

I have heard a lot of people comparing this movie to the Final Destination franchise. Both have the same general idea with a different story. In Final Destination, the order of the people that die in the protagonists premonition of a disaster will die in that same order in real life. With Truth or Dare, they do the truth or dare given by the demon in the order that they played it on their original spring break trip. The Final Destination movies are self aware and are fun to watch because of the over the top and unrealistic deaths. The reason Truth or Dare can not be fun is because of its PG-13 rating, so every time there is about to be a somewhat gruesome scene, it cuts away to the reaction of the other actors that are witnessing what is happening. The reason this is rated PG-13 is because the studio wants to take money away from teenagers who want to go see a horror movie with friends. The studio knows it’s terrible, but make it because they know that they will make money off of teens.

The ending is also terrible. When the first game of truth or dare is being played, the protagonist Olivia chooses truth and is given two options. Option one is that she could choose to save her friends from dying and have the entire population of Mexico die. Option two, is if she would have her friends die and save the population of Mexico. Her response is that she could not kill the entire population of Mexico, but in the last scene, in order to keep her and her best friend alive, they post a video to YouTube so that everyone who watched the video would have to play the game controlled by the demon, and ends on one viewer doing that stupid smile to the person she is watching it with. This makes you hate how hypocritical the protagonist is and how her actions is the end don’t support what was previously said about her character.

Truth of Dare is one of the worst horror movies of the year, but if you want to watch one of the funniest movie so far in 2018, this movie is perfect for you.


Grade: F