All about the haul

Thrifting becomes more popular as students follow trends

Cadence Elder

Whether the new perfect piece is found in minutes or hours, these students are dedicated to making a statement.

“I kept getting really cool clothes from my mom and my grandma,” junior Cate Steinacker said. “My grandma was a seamstress, so she was always very fashionable and had all of these amazing vintage . I just started taking a few of their items and making different outfits.”

Borrowing clothes from her mother’s and grandmother’s closets is what started Steinacker’s thrifting hobby. Her favorite places to thrift are Donna’s Dress Shop and The River Market Antique Mall.

“I’m very cautious when I’m shopping,” Steinacker said. “I don’t like spending money, so if I’m going to buy something, I usually make, in my head, like five or six outfits .”

Senior Bryan Morfin has a similar tactic when he heads to the thrift shop.

“Usually I go with my younger brother and, before we go, we make an album of screenshots that we would like to wear or find,” Morfin said.

Morfin describes his style as “west coast hipster mixed with greaser.” He says that he finds different designer pieces that he likes and heads to the thrift shops such as Savers or the River Market Antique Mall to find the closest look-alike.

“Growing up, we didn’t have much money and my mom always taught me I didn’t need to buy the newest clothes,” Morfin said. “Sometimes you can find better deals or even cooler stuff at thrift shops. You can just stand out.”

It’s does take time to find those one-of-a-kind pieces and that is the the main difference between shopping at thrift stores and department stores. Each piece will be unique and has been worn before.

“I could easily spend a couple hours at one store, walking around multiple times,” Steinacker said. “Each time I walk around, I find new things.”

Steinacker says that a lot of people comment on her outfits, mostly her mom’s and grandmother’s vintage hand-me-downs.

“I have a lot of people ask me how I always look so cute and it honestly just comes naturally to me,” Steinacker said. “It takes more work for me to put on a T-shirt and leggings because I’m so aware of what I’m wearing. I can just naturally a skirt or a really cool sweater.”

Morfin sees his appearance not only as a way to express himself, but as a first impression.

“It’s kind of like that first impression you make. If I’m about to meet someone new, I really like to have a really good first impression and show them that I care about every little thing, even my outfit.”