Ball of Stress

New finals schedule decreases the amount of study time available to students

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Ball of Stress

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.


Hand completing a multiple choice exam.



Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

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This week marks the end of first semester and, before students start thinking about sleeping in until noon and bingeing their favorite Netflix series, they have to take finals.

Finals week will be shortened to three days but, instead of leaving each day at 10:15 a.m. after two finals, students will remain in school until 2:40 p.m.

“With getting out early we also got a lot more time with studying before the next day,” junior Hailey Coats said. “ I’m going to have to really use my time wisely so I’m not cramming and stressing myself out.”

Students agree the change is not the best idea around this time. But, the students are not the only ones facing this change, teachers are affected too.

“Students are feeling uneasy about the new schedule,” psychology teacher Amy Walker said. “But, I think once we get used to it, it will feel as comfortable as the old one.”

For now, it’s a significant change that has students concerned.

“I am just trying to get a good grade in all in all the classes,” Sara Tamayo said. “I have borderline grades and because finals are  worth 20 percent of our grade, so that can make or break my grade.”

Students should look for ways to make the most of the study time available. Walker offers some suggestions.

“Study smarter, not harder. “Put more of your focus on the topics you don’t know,”



 Final Exam Schedule

Monday December 18

Hour 1 Final – 7:40- 9:10 (90 minute final) Hour 2 Final – 9:20-10:50 (90 minute final) Hour 3 10:55-11:25 (30 minutes)

Hour 4 11:30-12:05 (35 minutes)

Hour 5 12:10-1:35 (50/55 minutes + 30 minute lunch)

1st lunch 12:05-12:35 Class 12:35-1:30 (55 minutes)

2nd lunch 12:35- 1:05 Class 12:10- 12:35; 1:05-1:30 (25/25 minutes) 3rd lunch 1:05-1:35 Class 12:10-1:05 (55 minutes)

Hour 6 1:35-2:05 (30 minutes) Hour 7 2:10-2:40 (30 minutes)


Tuesday December 19

Hour 3 Final – 7:40- 9:10 (90 minute final)

Seminar – 9:15-10:05 (50 minutes)

Hour 4 Final – 10:10-11:40 (90 minute final)

Seminar – 11:45 – 1:05 (50 minutes + 30 minutes lunch)

1st lunch 11:40-12:10 Class 12:10-1:05 (55 minutes)

2nd lunch 12:10- 12:40 Class 11:45- 12:10; 12:40-1:05 (25/25 minutes) 3rd lunch 12:40-1:10 Class 11:45-12:40 (55 minutes)

Hour 5 Final – 1:10-2:40 (50 minutes)


Wednesday December 20

Hour 6 Final – 7:40- 9:10 (90 minute final)

Hour 7 Final – 9:20-10:50 (90 minute final)

Early Release (Optional lunch 10:50-11:30, Buses depart at 11:30)


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Ball of Stress