Just because you are different does not mean you should be treated differently


Anastasia Kling, Staff Writer

Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay) is a vibrant child with a facial deformity; because of the way he looks he has avoided school for most of his life. Auggie’s mother, Isebel Pullman (Julia Roberts), taught Auggie everything he knows. When Auggie starts his first day at Beecher middle school he is starting 5th grade. It isn’t as how you would expect your first day to go. He was teased, taunted and stared at just because of the way he looked.

Auggie was born with the gene of Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS), He has already undergone 27 surgeries to see, to hear and even to eat. Although he may look a little different, he is not incapable of such wonder. His wonder is not just in his brain but in his heart too. Auggie’s world was as if he was in space, some of the scenes he imagines he is in space instad of walking the hallways of school. Which was intriguing but made it hard to follow sometimes.

Real friends are hard to come by, especially when your school believes if someone touches you they will have get a “plague”. Kids are so cruel in such cruel world but sometimes there is that chance to find that one kid who has a bright soul. Jack Will (Noah Jupe) was Auggie’s only friend, or so he thought. After their friendship had grown and Auggie had started to enjoy school, he overheard all of the popular guys talking — Jack Will included — about their feelings on Auggie.

I liked Via (Isabel Vidivic) who is Auggie’s caring and vivacious sister. She is smart and funny, yet she is always there for her little brother even when if her own problems are troubling her. She is his best friend and always has been. She was the most compelling character because even though her parents would forget about her sometimes, she would still do her own thing and live her life.

My favorite part of the movie was the closing scene. It is the moment that everyone realizes that we can’t all be ordinary when some of us are extraordinary and meant to stick out. I would rate this movie a 4.5/5 stars because, while it was heart wrenching, it was also vibrant and eye opening to the world that is today. Although some scenes of the movie did make me lose interest and give me the urge to look at my phone quickly. In a movie I should never feel the urge to direct my attention to something else. I highly recommend that you go and see this movie, although you may leave the theater with soggy popcorn from the tears. We do not all look the same, for if we did life would be bland. In a world full of people, find the wonder, for it is quite beautiful.