Matthew Wolfe Feature


Photo by Evan Battles

Cate Taggart, staff writer

History and economics teacher Matthew Wolfe, recently won the Kansas Council for Economic Education Teacher of the Year award. He was nominated by another teacher in the district. Although it is still unknown to Wolfe who the teacher was, he is grateful that someone thought of him. Wolfe always knew about the award but never thought he would win it and it came as a huge surprise. In order to qualify to be nominated for the award, Wolfe was required to write an essay.

“I got an email saying I was nominated, which was such an honor, week or so later I found out I won the award,”Wolfe said. “A lot of people have congratulated me, but I am very humble, I don’t go say ‘oh, look at me’.”

Wolfe dedicates his success to his students, coworkers and family. Since Wolfe teaches more difficult classes, he says he works with very dedicated students who come to his classroom ready to work hard and get things done.

Outside of the classroom, Wolfe spends a fair amount of time with his children taking them from activity to activity. Outside of that, he watches sports, golfs and goes fishing. Since he teaches four classes, he is very involved in the NW community and was honored to win this award.