Louisburg Cider Mill Review

4 out of 5


Sonni Meyers

Walking up to the store, the smell of cinnamon and apples is all around because of the fresh donuts and cider being sold. The store is packed tight with customers in line to buy goods or donuts and cider. The store sells everything from  fall themed candy, to souvenirs and root beer. The line began outside the store and wrapped all throughout the quaint building. The cider and donuts were definitely worth the wait, there was a good blend of spices that went well together. Walking out of the store, there is a red barn with yellow words reading “Louisburg Cider Mill”.. There is stacks of hay and pumpkins for picture taking. A tarp hangs over some tables, where people gather to sit to sip cider and eat donuts. Next to the tables, there is a small stage with live music.

A short walk through the parking lot leads to the corn maze and pumpkin patch. When walking through the entrance, there are farm animals and the corn maze to the right.To the left, there is tons of activities, including a hay ride, corn pit and a colorful bounce pillow. The farm animals include bunnies, goats, a cow and chickens. The best part of the cider mill is definitely feeding the animals. They were very entertaining and cute.

On the other hand, the corn maze was trampled down and all the corn was dead. The dead, trampled corn made the maze easy and unexciting. On a better note, the corn pit and bounce pillow were a blast. The corn pit is such a good idea, the only negative thing I have to say is all the leftover corn I found later in my shoes and clothing. The bounce pillow was another great addition, although it was a little hard to jump because you kept getting double bounced by the tons of children playing. The hayride took us to sunflower mountain, where we spent our time sliding down the slides built into the sides of the “mountain”.

Overall, the Louisburg Cider Mill was wonderful, I would definitely go back and would recommend it.