Halloween Carnival Turnout

This years Halloween Carnival gathered many children from infants to fourth graders. StuCo had over 10 stations for the kids to get involved and have fun at.

The NW media department also had a tunnel for young kids to go through made of tables with non-fitted sheets draped over them and lights taped underneath to create a dim mysterious glow.

There was a wide spread of things to do from playing pumpkin toss with StuCo President senior Porter Volk to singing karaoke with KUGR.

There were many booths at the Halloween Carnival, but the most popular booth was journalism maze. Dozens of children went through as some of the journalism students tossed in candy.

After the kids got out of the maze, they could line up to take a picture with Wonder Woman, played by senior Maya Lee. Another student, sophomore Zac Jarrett worked the StuCo booth, which was a corn pit. It was surprisingly successful as many kids kept coming back to play in the corn.

The children seemed to love the Halloween Carnival this year. There was not a sad face in the crowd. The fact that it was a mix of fun and a spooky between the booths and the hallways appealed to all grade levels.