The Halloween Carnival will be on Oct. 28

Cate Taggart, Staff Writer

The NW Halloween Carnival is an annual event that occurs the Saturday before Halloween and this year lands on Oct.28. The carnival runs from 6-8 p.m. and involves organizations at Northwest putting together Halloween-themed booths for students and their families. Sarah Dent, the NW stucco sponsor, runs the event with StuCo members.

“I work a lot with Dawson Mesh, he is the one who organizes the booths and goes shopping for the decorations and for the food,” Dent said.  “He is also working with the clubs that signed up for the haunted hallways. I am just kind of the supervisor for Dawson. We worked with the spanish interpretor last year to get the carnival flyers in spanish.” Some of the clubs that participate are Journalism, Chemistry club and National Honors Society.

The event includes different carnival booths in the mall and cafeteria and in the second and third hallways are haunted hallways. In addition to NW high school students, elementary students are welcome to join and encouraged to do so. The pre-k students involved in adopt-a-tot are also welcome to join.

“We really enjoy doing the carnival, we consider this a community driven event because a lot of the kids who come to this carnival are future NW Cougar kids and it’s neat to let them be in the building and interact with the older kids,” Dent said. “Every year we get overwhelming response from parents that they can’t belive it’s free, and the cant belive that the older students are so engaged. We just get great overall feedback.”