Flipping Out

The gymnastics team continues to place first after almost being abolished last season.


Photo by Piper Schuerman

Sonni Meyers

This year, the gymnastics team has won four out of five meets, placed second in the fifth and won the SMSD District Cup.

Last year, the team wasn’t sure if they would have a program to come back to this fall. The sport was on the chopping block due to lack of participation in recent years. Although 165 gymnasts competed in 2014, only 120 were involved in the sport in 2015 and the number dropped to 110 last year.

“I think a lot of our effort is coming from us trying to prove ourselves and showing everyone what we’ve got,” senior Macey Walsh said. “They tried to take away the sport last year because they were unaware of our potential and our love for the sport but working hard and winning these meets shows our passion and how much we care for it.”

With the decision to almost cut the sport in the past the team is focusing on preparing for meets and keeping their top spot, in order to achieve their goals.

“To prepare for meets, we usually do a light workout the day before and, the day of , we exchange small gifts with our big sisters and little sisters on the team,” Kopp said. “We also usually have a pep talk right before our first event just to get everyone pumped up and focused.”

They believe growing closer as a team helps them in meets and as they move closer to the state tournament.

“Gymnastics started meaning more than just a sport when I joined the high school team,” Kara Martin said.  “It means doing what I love surrounded with the people that I love and having a blast while doing so., I love it because you can customize it so much. You get to create your own routines and do the skills that work for you,”

The team has succeeded through multiple injuries. Kopp had her appendix taken out at the start of the season, sophomore Kara Martin just recovered from a concussion and junior Celeste Gordon had a wrist injury. Every skill that is thrown is a risk but, after an injury it takes a little more thought.

“Throwing skills that you haven’t thrown in a long time is always nerve wracking,” Ross said. “But i think deep down you’ll always remember the feeling. You’re like ‘Oh yeah, that’s what it feels like.’”

Not only has the team made a positive recovery from injuries to the sport almost being cut, They have also taken away some life lessons.

“My favorite thing about gymnastics is the real life lessons that you learn,” Kopp said. “Like, no matter how many times you fall on your butt, it should motivate you to want to try again and land on your feet. also has taught me that nobody can be perfect, but you can be the best version of you.”