Columbus Day is under attack

Cadence Elder and Sam Rice

Do you think Columbus Day should be changed to "Indigenous People Day"?

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In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

This phrase has been repeated many times in elementary school as students learned about the voyage Christopher Columbus made to reach America, but across the United States that holiday is beginning to change.

“I would understand if you were someone of Native American descent and why you would find the celebration of Columbus Day offensive,” social studies teacher Todd Boren said. “I think that even if you get rid of the day, we’re still going to have to recognize that the past of the nation is what it is and  we can’t go back and change that”

The holiday was changed to Indigenous People Day in Los Angeles, Cali. and with the date approaching, how people around the world will celebrate is leaving many wondering. Should the rest of America join in the change? Students in Boren’s IB European History class discussed this issue.

“I think getting rid of Columbus Day is a good idea because celebrating someone who has done a ton of violent acts is probably something that we shouldn’t ,” senior Emmanuel Osei said. “It celebrates certain things, but makes us actually forget the things that have occurred in our past as a result.”

On the other hand, senior Benny Alpert sees the holiday as a symbol of patriotism that should not be changed.

“I don’t think we should get rid of it because I think they made the holiday thinking it would change over time,” senior Benny Alpert said. “It’s not a new realization that Columbus killed a bunch of Indians. It’s kind of like a right of passage, as you grow up the holiday changes. It’s a part of American history.”

Although history class seems like a normal place to have this discussion, this discussion has been happening across many platforms. Let us know what you think about the changing of this holiday.