On the Clock

New Associate Principal Jack Johnson familiarizes himself with our schools students and culture.


Photo by Piper Schuerman

Sonni Meyers and Sam Rice

Around 6:30 a.m., while most students are waking up, associate principal Jack Johnson is already at work keeping up with emails, scheduling meetings with parents, and doing his best to make sure your day goes well.

“I think ultimately that we’re all here for the students and the future,” Johnson said. “I already have my degrees, I have my career set, so it’s a way to give back and get you guys ready for what you’re going to be doing in the future.”

Recently, Johnson took a big step, making the switch from being a social studies teacher for five years at Mill Valley High School to becoming an associate principal here. Johnson’s journey to becoming an educator began with the stories his father told about being a teacher. majored in education at Benedictine University.

He eventually decided that he wanted to help students and teachers on an even larger scale than just being a social studies teacher.

“I felt that I could help in a different capacity, Johnson said. “I coached and then I was also the department chair for the social studies department. I really enjoyed that it got me outside of the classroom. I enjoyed working with adults and so that’s why I wanted to transition to working directly with adults and helping teachers.”

Johnson is in charge of students with last names beginning with the letters H-O, technology, study skills, social studies, CTE, custodial work, Saturday school, graduation, teacher night duty schedule and Fine Arts. He never has a routine day but still manages to make students a priority in his job.

“It’s really fast-paced,” Johnson said. “I get to meet more people than just the 135 kids I had every single year and the ten teachers that were in my department. That’s what we’re here for is the students, so what I’ve done is try to relate to kids in the hallways so they don’t just look at me as an authority figure. I want them to think of me as someone they can approach if they need something, academically, socially or emotionally.”

By 5:30 p.m., Johnson’s day is coming to an end. He goes home, where he will be greeted by his wife and three children. He will then dive into a good book or listen to a podcast or maybe even do some journaling. Lastly, he will prepare for the day ahead and the opportunity to form relationships with staff and students alike.

“My goal for this year is to get to know all staff and students,” Johnson said. “Plus, get to know the traditions and culture of Northwest and be positive each and every day.”