Interact Club will volunteer in Panama this summer

Students prepare to travel to Panama this summer to build water filters


Anastasia Kling and Sonni Meyers

Seven Interact Club members are going to Chepo, Panama to build water filters to help the nearby villagers live with safe drinking water.
The water filters are made of three five-gallon buckets and inside of the buckets are gravel, sand and charcoal. When the unclean water is poured into the top bucket the water seeps through the three bins and as the end result clean and clear drinking water is provided.
Interact club students will enter a completely new culture in Chepo,where English is not the people’s first language. Although this might be frightening for some, Interact Club president Kayla Craigmille has five years of Spanish to help her in this uncharted territory.
“We focus so much on serving in our local community, but it is really neat to be able to serve in a different, rural community in a foreign country where we can simultaneously take in a new culture,” Craigmile said.

The Interact Club students will be making water filters like these for the villagers in Chepo, Panama.