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Student body president and vice president elections to be held this morning

Grace Gorenflo, Editor-in-chief

Elections for the 2017-18 student body president and vice president will be held today during TCB. Junior Will Gross is running for president, with junior Rachel Perez as vice president. The other pair of candidates includes junior Porter Volk as president, with junior Jack Lammers as the vice president. Each pair will give a speech in the Main Gym for the freshman, sophomore and junior classes before the student body takes to the online poll to vote for Northwest’s next leaders.


“I think our speech is well constructed to counter (Will and Rachel’s),” Volk said. “I’m not certain, but I expect Will and Rachel to have some solid humour, and ours has probably a more dramtic approach, something I hope will resonate with the students. Our speech is also completely memorized, and we have a secret ending which I think will have a lot of people excited. I was nervous initially, but when we started practicing I gained full confidence in myself, Jack and our speech.”


Lammers speaks for both himself and Volk in explaining the true meaning of their candidacy and how they hope their speech will benefit the voting process, on both sides.


“It is important for us to speak to them because I feel that Porter and I have the right skills to help improve this school,” Lammers said. “I want everyone to take away that everyone means something to Northwest. And that is what Porter and I will try to do — make everyone feel included and a part of something.”


On the opposing side, Gross feels that him and Rachel are the best candidates, due to their experience.

“People should vote for Rachel and me because we, in my opinion, are the most qualified for the jobs,” Gross said. “I have ran/co-ran events such as Canned Food Drive, Sleep-in-a-Box, and  the staff-lunch-in. Rachel has ran/co-ran events such Orange Army and Life Week. Based on this, I think we have the most leadership and organization experience in StuCo.”


Overall, the candidates’ intentions are quite similar — to help foster a positive environment for Northwest and every student here.


“I really do want the best for our school,” Perez said. “I want to be able to make Northwest a more loving and positive place.”