The Lego Batman Movie Review


Rating: 5/5


Allowing audiences to assuage their memories of the image of Batman that the pop-culture travesty Batman s. Superman: Dawn of Justice put into their head, The Lego Batman Movie brings the caped crusader back to the zenith of superhero film that Christopher Nolan proved he could be in.

Following the wildly successful chaotic nostalgia that was The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie follows one of its predecessors pivotal characters, Batman (Will Arnett), as he copes with soul-crushing loneliness. Then one day, while at Commissioner Gordon’s retirement gala, Batman accidentally adopts the wide-eyed orphan Richard Grayson (Michael Cera), who teaches him the importance of actually caring about something.

This movie provides the beloved self-mocking humor, recently popularized by Deadpool, to Batman with a PG rating. Not only does this movie poke fun at prior Batman adaptations but it brings in the equally frivolous enemies who have been put in storage since the the 1960 comics and television show. Such villains as Eraser, Polka-dot Man, King Tut, Orca and Condiment Man appear for superfluous action sequences and side splitting comedic effect.

Although comedically engaged throughout, this movie provides touching moments, lessons of self realization and the importance of friends towards the end. The jokes and gags  littered through are above and beyond and are enough to keep any aged audience member engaged and entertained.

Whether you’re 5-years-old, played with Legos as a child, love Batman or adore comedy of any kind, this is a must-see jocular joy-ride.