Shin Godzilla Review


Calling all Godzilla fans.. After a 12 year wait, Toho Studios, the company that produced the original Godzilla films, released Shin Godzilla in the United States on October 11.

As many critics expected, the film appeals much more to Godzilla fans than newcomers to the franchise. The film is filled with nods to the older installments of the series, particularly the original Godzilla film from 1954: shots are replicated, classic soundtrack clips are played and the Godzilla model in this film is very similar to that of the original.

With a few exceptions, the CG effects in the film are spectacular. The shots of Godzilla unleashing destruction on Tokyo are very satisfying, but closeup shots of the monster himself are rendered poorly and end up being a distraction.

The worst part of Shin Godzilla is the lack of Godzilla. Fans of the series are used to long montages of Godzilla tearing apart cityscapes and generally just wreaking havoc. That is in short supply here. Most of the film concerns the Japanese government responding to Godzilla threatening Tokyo, and frankly, that’s boring. Hopefully next year’s sequel will get back to the roots of the franchise.

Overall, Shin Godzilla is an entertaining action flick that showcases the best as well as the worst elements of the 60 year old franchise. If you enjoyed the American Godzilla film from 2014, this entry in the series will not disappoint.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars