Blood Drive breaks record

The Fall Blood Drive, Nov. 10, collected 160 units (pints) of blood, surpassing the goal of 135 units.

Bruns022StuCo sponsor Sarah Dent said she was surprised by the turnout.

“We were particularly concerned about H1N1,” she said, “but we went ahead and kept our goal.”

The previous record for the most blood collected at Northwest was 142 units in Nov. 2008.

“It was amazing because we shattered the record,” sophomore Eric Zoellner said.

Zoellner was in charge of running the blood drive.

“It was more work than I thought it was going to be,” he said. “It was a little overwhelming.”

The blood goes to the Community Blood Center. All of the blood stays in the Kansas City area.

“It was several years ago, but there was a terrible bus crash in Kansas City,” Dent said. “The Community Blood Center told us that some of our blood saved some of the little kids’ lives. It’s stories like that that make you think, how neat.”

Combined with the 127 units collected in the spring, the blood drives at Northwest brought in enough blood to save 574 lives.