NW Poetry Slam to be held Tomorrow



Northwest’s Poetry Slam will be on Monday, assisted for the first time, by Julianne London.

 “My first year working with the poetry slam has been really good so far,” London said. “The kids are nice and hard working and they get their stuff done.”

Another new change  this year will be the duration of the poetry slam. Instead of the poetry slam lasting two days, it will only be one day due to the limit of 70 contestants. , Even with the shortened time frame, London expects a good performance.

 “I expect to be a lot of fun,” London said. “The poems are good, we’ve got a lot of deep and emotional ones and they’re also some fun and silly ones.”

Junior Daniela Silva, member of LTAB, will be participating in the poetry slam for the third time.

“I like that so many people attend in the school, even though you wouldn’t assume they care about poetry,” Silva said.

The poetry slam will begin at 8 a.m. in the library and end at 2:40 p.m. The slam will also be available to watch through KUGR’s Youtube channel.