My Heart and Other Black Holes


Photo by Addison Sherman

Rating: Five out of five stars

After reading My Heart and other Black Holes, I really had to sit back and take a breath. The book was so intense and raw. The emotion poured into the book is incredible. Author Jasmine Wanga has written one of the most amazingly heart wrenching books that I have ever read.

The book centers around two teens, Aysel and Roman. Though they only live about fifteen minutes apart, they had never met until they found each other on Smooth Passages — a suicide website. When Roman puts out a message asking for a suicide partner, Aysel decides to take him up on his offer. As they get to know each other throughout the book it’s obvious that they have chemistry. At the beginning of the book I was pretty sure I knew what the ending was going to be, but as the book went on I found that their were many twists and turns that made it hard to put the book down.

It is clear that Wanga must have done extensive research because she writes about depression and suicide more accurately than any other author I’ve ever read. Her chilling accounts of character emotion is my favorite part of the book. Aside from that, she puts suicide help hotlines in the back of the book. Even when you google the website Smooth Passages, which was named in the book, it pulls up a suicide support website where people can share their suicide attempt stories and support one another.

I usually don’t read books that center around depression, suicide or anxiety because I never felt like they could capture the emotions that I felt when going through those things. But I’m so glad that I ventured out and read Wanga’s book. It was tragic, beautiful and wonderfully written. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for any future books that she may write.