Students show support for IB program

Northwest IB students showed support for the IB program at the SMSD board meeting at the McEachen Administrative Center Jan. 25. These students attended despite the board’s decision to take the voting on the elimination of the program off the agenda.

“I was proud that were so articulate about the benefits of the program and what it means to them,” principal Lisa Gruman said.

Senior Braden Pomerantz, representing the IB students, spoke in the open forum portion of the meeting, followed by parents Brian Koon and Brenda VandenBos, who gave speeches also concerning IB.

“I think Braden handled it very well,” senior Katie Born said. “He made a very strong point, and he got everything across without sounding like he was arguing with the board about their decision. I think he even did better than the parents in that aspect. really helped to show what we are as IB, the kind of students we are and how we act.”

After considering the opinions expressed at the meeting, the board will respond in writing to the people who spoke.

“We’re looking at our program of studies at our middle school and high school level from a comprehensive aspect,” superintendent Jim Hinson said. “That means you look at everything. You don’t leave anything off the table.”

See the sixth issue of The Northwest Passage for details about the meeting and the board decision, as well as comments from Pomerantz and chief academic officer Ed Streich.


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