The no school schedule


With early dismissal or no school on eight days this semester, students and teachers feel a significant differenceSecond semester of the 2015-2016 school year contains only nine full weeks of school. With that number being nearly eadingalf of the entire semester, it can sometimes get tricky to accomplish everything that needs to be done by the end of the year.

“I don’t really try to fit in five days into four days,” IB teacher Janine Deines said. “I look at the bigger picture of the nine weeks and then just spread it out. So sometimes during the four days you’re in the middle of something that you would’ve finished up on the fifth day, but you just make it work.”

When students are attending class every day, it’s much easier to make it work. For double block weeks, that is not the case.

“I hate the double block days that are odd, odd, even, even,” Deines said. “There’s a real disconnect with the students and the information .”

Shortened weeks may not be a teacher’s favorite, but students are finding reasons to endorse them.

“, but I think it’s a good difference,” junior Mark Babcock said. “I feel like I’m more rested and I feel like I have something to look forward to, so I work harder to get to there.”

Along with the general satisfaction surrounding four-day weeks, there is something good to be said about double block weeks.

“Double block weeks make me happy because you don’t have a pile of homework to do every day,” junior Neema Rafizadeh said.

  1. Walk to the KCI Airport 32 times
  2. Fly around the world one and a half times
  3. Watch the entire The Lord of the Rings trilogy five times